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Visualization (′vizh·ə·lə′zā·shən)  
The engaging of one's imagination within the mind-body continuum to effect changes in consciousness and individual reality. Properly used, creative visualization & positive affirmations can create huge positive changes in your life... and the effects are almost instant!

Master Dozens of Life and Career Skills Using the Magic of Creative Visualization , Visualization Techniques , Guided Meditation and The Law of Attraction

Using these completely original guided creative visualization and positive affirmation CD's is as simple as listening to a relaxing music CD. Simply take 15 - 20 minutes to relax and listen to the guided visualization... there's no additional effort required.  Listen again and again, then watch your dreams come true, almost magically, right before your eyes. Creative visualization techniques with positive affirmations and the Law of Attraction works every time and simply cannot fail.

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Easy Weight Loss
This VisualizationFX CD
Just $19.90

Easy Weight Loss - Naturally

If you're tired of the constant and never-ending battle of trying to lose that extra fat you've been carrying around - here's great news.

If you want to get off the diet roller coaster once and for all... If you want to lose extra weight easily and permanently... If you want to melt away 10 to 30 pounds of fat while at the same time adding 10 to 30 healthy, vibrant years to your life... then this  creative visualization CD is for you.

Learn to use the natural power of your mind to lose weight and keep it off permanently.
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Skyrocket Your Sales Creative visualization

This VisualizationFX CD
Just $19.90

Sky-Rocket Your Sales!

How To Achieve Breakthrough Sales Success (in any business) Starting This Month -- With An Autopilot Method For Creating The Sales Records You Want!

Want to reach an excitingly higher sales target? Than you simply must assume it as a reality now.

But if you try to force those results by only working harder, chances are you'll fail. Real sales transformations come when you work from the inside out. Success in sales is an inside job. But it's tough to look at poor results and force yourself to "see" things differently.

The solution? Get the new Skyrocket Your Sales Visualization CD now and listen to it every day. It's fun. It's easy. And it's automatic. You'll begin to blaze new trails... reach more people in less time.. break through obstacles... and automatically boost your sales forever.
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Focus & Concentration Creative Visualization

 This VisualizationFX CD
Just $19.90

Focus & Concentration Visualization

If You Want To Double or Triple Your Focus and Concentration In The Next 30 Days  Just Listen To This Simple But Powerful Positive Affirmations Tool For 15-30 Minutes a Day, 5 Times a Week -- and Watch Your Productivity and Effectiveness Soar. 100% Guaranteed!

Did you know the ability to focus can change your life? And... there's no easier or more effective way to improve your focus and concentration than this powerful CD. It’s simple: just listen to this CD every day and... you'll blast through obstacles... get more work done in less time... free-up more of your time... and make more money as a result.

Fact is... the more focused you are, the more effective you are -- and the more you get done. You multiply the value of your time. And when you make yourself more valuable, your income naturally tends to rise accordingly.

If you can find another $20 investment that can do half as much for you as this new Focus and Concentration CD can -- you should buy it. Or... you can save your time and money and completely transform your life starting today by claiming your own copy of Focus and Concentration.
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Be Persuasive Creative Visualization

 This VisualizationFX CD
Just $19.90

Become Super Persuasive Now!

You Don't Need To Be A Master Of Influence To Become 100 Times More Persuasive... All You Need Is This Transformational CD.

Fact is... you create your own reality. If you're not as effective at persuading people to do things as you'd like to be, it's probably not due to technique. It's due to your beliefs... or more specifcally, your self-concept.

You may not see yourself as a highly-persuasive person of influence now... but all that is about to change. And it's easier than you ever imagined.

Just listen to this CD every day and relax. You'll be gently guided every step of the way with a creative visualization, followed by positive affirmations. It's a 1-2 punch that effortlessly turns you into a powerful, persuasive force easily, enjoyably and automatically.
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Write A Book Creative Visualization

This VisualizationFX CD
Just $19.90

Yes... You Can Write A Book!

Imagine You, A Successful Author! With This Powerful, New Guided Creative Visualization You Can Literally Program Yourself To Create Your Own

Just listen to this creative visualization CD every day and you'll blast through your fears... overcome writer's block... get more writing done in less time... enthusiastically share your work with the world... and make a whole lot of money too.

The secret to writing a book is to see yourself as a successful book writer. But it doesn't require blood, seat and tears. No-no-no. All you do is pop in the CD and listen and let it happen automatically.

Sure, you'll have to roll up your sleeves and crank out the words. But first and foremost, you've got to be able to see yourself as an accomplished author, in order to become one.

Believe me... you can write a book and in record time too!
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Self Confidence Creative Visualization

This VisualizationFX CD
Just $19.90

Supreme Self Confidence

Imagine Yourself... As A Highly-Confident, Unstoppable Success! It's Easier Than You Think With This Automatic, Creative Visualization Method You Can Use Whenever You Want!

Just plug-n-play... listen to this CD and watch your self-confidence soar! You'll be amazed how your whole life changes when you shift your self concept. Obstacles are overcome... Limitations melt away... and impossibilities vanish. Boost your self-confidence and everything in your life changes for the better. Positive change under all circumstances and in all situations is automatic and fast.

You can do it the old-fashioned way with intense effort, willpower and discipline. Or you can become more self-confident than you've ever been before and really grab life by the horns with the new Unstoppable Self Confidence and Positive Affirmations CD.
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Super Productivity Creative Visualization

This VisualizationFX CD
Just $19.90

Time Management & Super Productivity

How to Get Far More Done In A Lot Less Time! Boost Your Productivity and Master Time Management The Easy Way. Here's The One Simple, But
Powerful Mental Training Tool That Does It All For You --  Automatically.

It’s simple: Just listen to the Productivity Enhancement/Time Management CD every day and you'll overcome work overload... accomplish more tasks in a fraction of the time... become more organized... make better decisions on the spot... learn new skills faster... and more!

The secret to being super-productive and better organized... to slash the time it takes to complete tasks... and to enjoy more peace of mind... is to create it in your mind first. And this creative visualization CD along with the positive affirmations, makes it easy, enjoyable and automatic.
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Speed Reading Creative Visualization CD

This VisualizationFX CD
Just $19.90

Speed Reading - Made Easy

Now You Can Double or Triple Your Reading Speed AND Increase Your Comprehension At The Same Time... Automatically With This New Breakthrough Creative Visualization/Positive Affirmation Tool!

If you're an "average" reader, you probably learned to read one word at a time. Fact is... the human brain can process a whole lot more at once. But if you don't see it as possible for you to triple your reading speed, you'll have a tough time -- regardless of technique.

Spead reading success starts here. Get the new Speed Reading CD and listen every day. Almost instantly, you'll overcome mental blocks... see how reading faster is accomplished... get lots more reading done in less time... accomplish more at work... learn new skills faster... and as a
result of your faster reading, you'll probably even make more money too!

Imagine reading at 3 times your current speed... how valuable is that to your career?
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Ideal Job Creative Visualization CD

This VisualizationFX CD
Just $19.90

Your Ideal Job

Want To Land The Job of Your Dreams? Here's How To Find The Ideal Job, Doing What You Love To Do.... and Making More Money Than Ever

With this amazing new creative visualization tool called Your Ideal Job, you'll automatically relax -- freeing your mind from mental clutter, so you can get clear and use your own inner power to create the perfect job for you and magnetize it towards you. (Don't worry -- you'll be gently guided every step of the way!)  You'll be prospering in your exciting dream job sooner than you ever thought possible. This visualization and affirmation CD will delight you with the results you can achieve.

Visualization is a proven method for creating your own reality -- exactly as you want. You create the form of your desire in your imagination first... while the Law of Attraction goes to work to bring it to you. And this CD makes it easy, enjoyable and automatic.
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Ace Any Exam Creative Visualization

This VisualizationFX CD
Just $19.90

You Can Ace Any Exam!

Get The Kind Of Grades You Can Be Proud Of! The Secret To Getting Great Results On Any Test Or Exam Is to Forget Cramming and Listen To This
Creative Visualization - Positive Affirmations CD Again And Again!

Stop sweating it. Cramming is overrated and often completely ineffective. The first key to performing at your best in any test or exam situation is to relax. And you can't relax when you're trying to jam more information in when yours stress level is already high.

You'll get far better results when you can relax and allow your mental machinery to serve you. You'll zero in on the most important details you need to remember... you'll organize things in your mind more effectively... and you'll see yourself effortlessly accessing those details as you need them and scoring high marks on your exam

How do you do this? Start by ordering the Ace Any Exam Visualization CD. Then simply listen as often as you can in advance of your test. Train your mind to work for you - not against you. Get on track now BEFORE your next test.
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Public Speaking Creative Visualization

This VisualizationFX CD
Just $19.90

Public Speaking Made Easy

How To Get Rid of Your Fear Of Public Speaking Once and For All So You Can Speak With Confidence and Deliver A Superb Performance -- Any Time,
Anywhere and To Any Size of Crowd... Even If You've NEVER Done It Before.

If you've ever been asked to "say a few words"... make a business presentation... or speak to a small group of people -- you've probably felt that gut-wrenching jolt of emotional terror. Most people would rather do just about anything else than speak in public. Why? It's because past mental conditioning controls your emotional and physical response.

Now you can banish this crippling fear forever... and not just survive your talk, but deliver an outstanding speech every time. The secret lies in mental training... and this new creative visualization CD has the power to convert the most timid individual into a riveting speaker -- automatically. 

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Overcoming Loneliness Creative Visualization

This VisualizationFX CD
Just $19.90

Overcoming Loneliness

See How Easily You Can Beat The Loneliness Blues This Easy, Private, Do-It-Yourself Way! You Don’t Need “Movie Star” Looks or Money To Attract Lots Of People To You. All You Need is 30 Minutes a Day of “Quiet Time” and You’ll Never Be Lonely Again! 

Just Listen To This Simple But Powerful Creative Visualization Tool For 15-30 Minutes a Day, 5 Times a Week  and Watch As Noticeable Changes Take Place In Your Life. 100% Guaranteed!

Your life is what you make it… and your reality begins within. And there's no easier or more effective way to go from feeling lonely to having abundant relationships than this powerful CD. It’s simple: just listen every day and you'll get totally relaxed... you’ll gain an improved self-concept... and you’ll magnetically draw like-minded people to you.
If you can find another $20 investment that can produce a fraction of the positive changes this one can then you should grab it at once! Or... you can save your time and money and completely transform your personal life starting today by claiming your own copy of Overcoming Loneliness.
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